Why You Should Use an Auto Transport Broker

There are a lot of cars shipped every year. Hundreds of thousands, actually. Some of the autos that are transported arrive safely and some end up as insurance claims. How do you find a reliable, safe auto transport carrier? By using a great auto transport broker, of course!

Reliable Auto Transport Broker

One auto transport broker can give a quote that is very similar to one from another auto transport broker. Most of the time, there is a fairly good reason for this. There are certain costs associated with auto transport and a good auto transport broker will give a quote that takes all those variables into consideration. A great quote is one that is makes both the customer (you) and the carrier happy. You’ll be happy because you got a great price & the carrier will be happy because he’ll be able to make money after paying for all of his expenses.

Some auto transport brokers just try to give you the lowest quote they can to get your business. This is called “low-balling” and it’s usually a dangerous sign. How could a lower price for moving a car be a bad thing you ask? I’ll tell you. When a carrier gives you an auto transport quote that seems too good to be true it usually is (as the saying goes). This can be indicative of one or more of a few things. The auto transport broker…

  • doesn’t have the proper expertise to properly ship your vehicle,
  • has a history of bidding for low quality carriers who deliver vehicles in an untimely manner, if at all,
  • doesn’t have a Master Carrier license number and, as such, isn’t qualified to ship your vehicle,
  • has a bad reputation and has difficulty getting loads picked up from carriers because they know he won’t pay them enough.

While agreeing to an auto transport quote from the highest bidder doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a great experience, it dramatically increases your chances of not getting burned. But how can you get a good price and get great service? By using a high quality auto transport broker!

We’re Here To Help!

A good auto transport broker can weed out the bad carriers from the rest and still be able to get you a competitive quote. They know which carriers do a good job for a little less money, thus getting you a great price, a fast, reliable auto transport carrier, and giving you piece of mind about shipping your auto so you can sleep well at night. That’s the benefit of using someone with insight into the industry. It dramatically increases your chances of having a good experience instead of an insurance claim.

At National Auto Transport Company, we use our insight into the auto transport industry to help you get the best deal possible. We do this by dealing directly with owner-operator carriers who work hard for you and by taking less of a cut from the overall price. We can take less money because we’re a small family owned & operated business with low overhead and because we operate on volume, so we don’t need to make all our money from just a few customers.

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